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T8 Amber

Is the Amber a classic beauty or futuristic design? Hard to tell. One thing is certain: it looks amazing.  Deep, translucent orange wraps with black edging for added contrast, paired with zebrawood or matte clear anodised aluminum spacers. A really eye-catching combination.

The T8 blank:

Bonefish, seatrout or pike, you name it! Presenting a Gotcha 20 feet or casting a big Bunny Bug as far as you can, this rod will master both tasks with grace.

Both swing weight and overall weight are extremely low to keep you casting the whole day long without fatigue. The sensitive tip has a very smooth transition to the stiff middle and butt section. Tip recovery is very fast.

All our rods are hand built to order one at a time and are endlessly customizable. Please make an inquiry on current lead times before placing your order.


  • 8 weight, 9' length, 4 piece
  • Rod weight: ca. 99 gram (3.49 oz)
  • Matte natural finish, fast action blanks
  • Flor grade full wells grip from Portugal
  • REC reel seat
  • Fuji TORZITE™ stripping guides
  • Hopkins&Holloway thin wire single leg guides
  • Hopkins&Holloway thin wire snake guides as an option
  • Recoil titanium guides as an option
  • Hopkins&Holloway tip tops
  • Amber wraps with black edging
  • Cordura or aluminum rod tube
  • Blanks made in Spain, rods built in Hungary
  • Free worldwide shipping via UPS Express
  • Other reel seat options
  • 14 days money back guarantee
  • CCS and MOI data

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799 EUR


"I've cast several fly rods and have been looking for a badass streamer rod that I can switch over and throw nymph rigs and maybe lay up a bigger hopper pattern if needs be.  This rod is the ticket.  I've run several different types of lines and different set ups with my  Stickman T8 and the rod morphs into whatever you need it to.  Usually when you hear that it means you've got a rod that is good at a bunch of stuff but excels at nothing.  Not so here.  It's the easiest casting 8 wt I've ever cast.  I think the progressive action in the blank allows the rod to bend deeper with heavy lines and big flies but give you more delicate presentations with appropriate lines and flies.  I've run multiple fly lines on this (Rio OB Short, Perception, Bonefish, and Streamer Tip) and the rod feels like it was built for each one.
For me it handles big articulated streamers with shooting head lines with no problem.  Poppers and big air resistant bass and pike flies as well.  And just because everyone told me I couldn't fish dries with an 8 weight, I did.  Matched with an appropriate line (the Rio Perception in my case) it drops them on the water calmly.  The thing I love most about this rod, is that it's so versatile and is able to handle so many different lines and styles of fishing."
Steven Swenson, Utah, USA
"The process of buying it was thoroughly enjoyable.  And the rod was fantastic!  In fact it was so great that it wasn't too long until I found that I wasn't so excited about my other rods anymore.  So I got a T6 and T7, and then got a T9.  All of them are super fun to cast and fish.  I really find that I enjoy my casting and fishing more now.  There's just something very satisfying about using a really, really well made tool for the job.  And on top of that it's just cool to be associated with a small business rather than some kind of international mega-corporation.  I don't remember the owner of H…y or G…..s emailing me to make sure I made it through the hurricane.  I don't remember them ever offering to take a look at my casting and giving advise there.  I love that about Stickman, and I don't ever see myself getting anything else.This was my first Stickman rod!  I liked it so much I wound up buying a T6, T7, and now a T9 also.  I use it for flats in FL when it's windy or if I'm casting a heavier fly.  It doesn't feel like I need to overline it - I use either a Barrio GT125 #8 or a Airflo Ridge Clear tip #7 with it."
Paul R. “flafly14”, Florida, USA

"I cast the T8 today. Once I got it dialed in it casts itself.  Very impressive."
David Polansky, New Jersey, USA
"Both the T8 and T10S are an absolute pleasure to fish with. I found both to be extremely light in hand. They both performed very well close in when short casts had to be made: I expected that of the T8 but I was particularly impressed at the touch the T10S showed with little line out. When it comes to making longer casts both rods have a ton of backbone to get the line out, and also to deal with a long pick up and re-cast. I had a Rio Bonefish 8 wt line on the T8 and a Rio Permit 10 wt line on the T10S. At no point did I feel like either rod was overloaded and struggling. I couldn’t be happier with them."
Alan Brydie, Canada
“First the buying process was top notch. Any questions I had were answered quickly and in depth. Most emails were responded to in under an hour. Akos has a deep knowledge of fly lines and was willing and able to make recommendations based on conditions I will likely encounter. Paying for the rod was simple and the price shown was the total price charged shipped around the world to my door.
I test cast with a Rio Single Handed Spey line mounted on a Galvan Torque reel with a 9 ft leader. 
Simply put this rod did everything I asked it to. It handled with ease 20ft-100ft casts and showed no preference to me on which it liked best. I was a little worried about how it would handle short casts and it did them well and accurate with just a quick flick of the wrist. On the long casts I was able to keep my accuracy and punch out pretty far and was reaching the long distance with only a small single haul or none at all. Pretty boring review, I know, but I have nothing else to say. My wife thought there was a problem because I came back inside so quick but I told her I didn't need any more practice with the rod, I was ready to go! 
I am going to experiment with a different reel, based on my limited casting I think it might like a smaller lighter reel. The rod itself is very light and I think it will treat me well on those long days on the water.
The only thing left to do is see how it handles the big one and hopefully I will get to find out.
Really happy so far,
Kevin Eastman, Illinois, USA


“… and a wonderful rod it is! Simply marvelous - light, smooth, powerful, gorgeous build (guides, wraps, handle profile... ). Without a doubt, it is one of the top 8s.”

Craig Buckbee, “Easterncaster”, FFI MCI, NYS licensed fishing guide, New York, USA
“Stickman T8 is a great casting rod and with its true weight 210 grain Amplitude Bonefish it has great presentation capabilities. It is smooth, crisp and potent throwing a uniform tight loop with the SA Bonefish. Despite its ample power I would characterize it as a gentle presenter as it is adept at fluidly unfurling its perfectly shaped loops in air to accurately deposit your fly just where you want it.
Where the SA line presented with a certain gentility, Liquid Crystal shot off like a missile. It transformed T8 from a gentle presenter to a rocket launcher and did so, remarkably without phase. It handled both lines with equal aplomb while exhibiting a significant personality shift.”
Richard Franklin, New York, USA
“I own a Stickman T8 and i simply love it. It's a wonderful fishing and casting rod. Two days ago I was fishing with a friend from Belgium and he fished with it for an hour and was over the moon with it.”
Ad Swier, The Netherlands
“My first reaction of the T8 was that it is much stiffer than expected. Was even afraid that it was too stiff for a pike fly rod. This totally changed when I casted rod. Light and very easy to cast. Generates high line speed without effort. Casting a reasonable size pike streamer is not hard work. My other 8-weight now feels heavy and clumsy :-) Like the Wulff Bass Taper #8 on this rod. 
The Stealth color scheme fits the rod very well.” 
Marcel Opsteegh, The Netherlands

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