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P5 Amber 8'6

Is the Amber a classic beauty or futuristic design? Hard to tell. One thing is certain: it looks amazing.  Deep, translucent orange wraps with black edging for added contrast, paired with zebrawood or matte clear anodised aluminum spacers. A really eye-catching combination.

The P5 8'6" blank:

8’6” 5 weight, the classic trout rod. We develop every rod model with utmost care but this one had to be special. The original plan was to make a shorter version of the very popular 9’ P5, but the project has turned to be unique. The 8’6” P5 is slightly more agile than its 9’ sibling but incorporates similar versatility and is a true to weight rod of course. It has the same incredibly wide optimal casting range as the 8’6” P4 and a similar bending curve too. It is the optimal choice for mid-sized trout rivers as an all round rod. Compared to the 9’ P5 is has an even lighter swing weight but is capable to do most tasks you expect an all-round trout rod to do: dry flies, nymphs, smaller streamers.

All our rods are hand built to order one at a time and are endlessly customizable. Please make an inquiry on current lead times before placing your order.


  • 5 weight, 8'6" length, 4 piece 
  • Rod weight built with wooden spacer: ca. 72 gram (2.54 oz) 
  • Rod weight built with aluminum spacer: ca. 77 gram (2.71 oz)
  • Matte natural finish, medium-fast action blanks 
  • Flor grade half wells grip from Portugal 
  • REC reel seat
  • Fuji TORZITE™ stripping guides
  • Recoil single leg titanium guides
  • Hopkins&Holloway thin wire single leg guides as an option
  • Hopkins&Holloway tip tops
  • Amber wraps with black edging
  • Cordura rod tube 
  • Blanks made in Spain, rods built in Hungary 
  • Free worldwide shipping via UPS Express
  • Other reel seat options
  • CCS and MOI data
  • 14 days money back guarantee

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799 EUR


"LOVE the rod. Probably the most striking feature to me is the hidden power. It is so light in hand, it feels like a light 4wt. But I've caught some big fish on it, used some heavier rigs than I should be using, and cast further than I will almost ever need to and the rod doesn't flinch. It is truly a marvel of physics, ha. 

The rod also makes me a better caster. It has so much feel at the 8'6" length, everything is intuitive. Also, it is worth mentioning that the line manipulation is incredible. I can't say enough about the feel. It's the first rod I've owned that is so 'fun', it makes me want to use it, no matter the conditions or river size.

Now, of course, I am wondering how to get 3-4 more rods from you!"

 Nick Lewis, California, USA


"After fishing it on Saturday I think this is the best rod I have ever cast. It is unique. 10 hours dry fly only.

The rod has a strong backbone, it is agile and it is very light.

The rod is definitely special."

 Petar Anjelo, Bulgaria


"I have fished this rod a fair bit this summer.  All I can say is…  WOW!!!  This is easily, the finest dry fly, trout rod, available today.  Excellent at all distances. 

I could go on and on with more superlatives, but the excellence of this rod speaks for itself.  Thank you for such a fantastic fly rod!"

Luke Todd, Wyoming, USA


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