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P5 Amber

Is the Amber a classic beauty or futuristic design? Hard to tell. One thing is certain: it looks amazing.  Deep, translucent orange wraps with black edging for added contrast, paired with zebrawood or matte clear anodised aluminum spacers. A really eye-catching combination.

The P5 blank:

How many rods will you have in your hand while standing in waist-deep water 3 miles from your car? Yes, most likely only one.

Specialized rods are great, especially if you know exactly what challenges you will face on the water. But if you are exploring new territories or your home water offers a wide variety of unpredictable fishing situations you are better off having something that does everything well. That is what the P5 blanks were designed for.

This rod excels in average fishing distances from 5 to 20 meters. The med-fast action and the lightning fast recovery helps you cast easily and precisely. Presenting a no.18 CDC is just as easy as chucking a heavily weighted streamer to 20 meters.

So can it cast far? Sure it can. The sweet point of this rod is not distance chasing but fishing though.

All our rods are hand built to order one at a time and are endlessly customizable. Please make an inquiry on current lead times before placing your order.


  • 5 weight, 9' length, 4 piece
  • Rod weight built with maple spacer: ca. 74 gram (2.61 oz) 
  • Rod weight built with aluminum spacer: ca. 79 gram (2.79 oz)
  • Matte natural finish, med-fast action blanks
  • Flor grade half wells grip from Portugal
  • REC reel seat
  • Fuji TORZITE™ stripping guides
  • Recoil single leg titanium guides
  • Hopkins&Holloway thin wire single leg guides as an option
  • Hopkins&Holloway tip tops
  • Amber wraps with black edging
  • Cordura or aluminum rod tube
  • Blanks made in Spain, rods built in Hungary
  • Free worldwide shipping via UPS Express
  • Other reel seat options
  • 14 days money back guarantee
  • CCS and MOI data

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799 EUR


"I finally got a chance to test my new P5 rod, fishing a small stream in the Black Forest. The finish of the rod is superb, and the extra-long grip that Akos fitted suited by big hands much better than any of my of my other rods. The fish were finnicky, and gentle and precise casts, often to holds overhung by branches, were needed for success. The P5 mastered this with ease, has an incredibly low swing weight and is overall by far the sweetest rod I have fished. Matched with the recommended Mastery Trout Line, it allowed my to present drys gently and accurately, also at distance, but at the same time had no problem to turn over heavy nymphs or streamers. Also roll-casts like a dream! Altogether a sweet rod, and my new favorite for most of my fishing."

 Dr. Johannes Letzkus, Germany


"I spent the last few days fishing in Austria. Participating on a 5-River-Fishing trip I had a good opportunity to fish my new rod in different situations. I really enjoyed the precision on the one hand and the power on the other hand."

Moritz Lutterkord, Germany


"It’s the perfect #5 for me. Really really like it."

Örjan Guthu, Sweden


"I finally had an opportunity to dry fly fish for several days with my Stickman P5. It is now my favorite rod. I had the opportunity to fish Spruce Creek In central Pennsylvania the end of June. My outfit was an orange Galvin Rush Light 5W. Matches he P5 Amber well. The line was per your recommendation; Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout. Was throwing a bubble caddis with a winged beetle dropper. The trout primarily hit the beetle.   
The P5 had so much feel regardless of the distance that I was able to make casts into very tight quarters, or to very tight spots, that I previously was unable to find. The spot that we fished had quite a bit of overhanging pine branches that shelter big trout from the aviary predators. This section of Spruce Creek is truly an experienced casters dream, and a novice casters nightmare. Mending was also a pleasure and much easier due to the taper design.
Had no trouble landing several 20+ inch Browns and Rainbows. Really the best feeling and most accurate casting rod I’ve ever used. My quiver is full of G..... and S..., so this is really testament to this Rod’s taper design.    
Paul H. King, Pennsylvania, USA
“I have been following the underground narrative about Stickman rods over the past couple of years and have been intrigued. After Eastfly's positive comments, I finally took the plunge and ordered a Stickman P5. 
This is kind of a big deal for me, because as a dealer of S…, S…., G…… and W……, I have access to most of the best fly rods on the market - many times with demo/test rods from these companies, and many times testing our own inventory. So it is easy and relatively inexpensive for me to get experience with a lot of different fly rods. I went ahead and bought the Stickman at full retail with my own money. 
I have always been dissatisfied with the 9', #5's that I have cast and fished. They are either, actually #6's with #5 stamped on them, are a little slow and dry-fly oriented, or have uneven flex patterns (stiff butt/soft tip). Notably, I generally prefer 8 1/2', #5's or 9', #6's to fill this quiver slot. One the previous threads that I started was something to the effect of "9', #5 jack of all trades, master of none".
After spending a few days casting and fishing with this rod, my conclusion is, that the Stickman P5 is by far the finest 9', #5 I have been around. I think that this is the "One" (no pun intended) for me. Very light in physical weight, very light swing weight, very crisp, med. fast to fast action. Will load easily at 20' as well as 60' with standard weight #5 lines (tested and fished with Mastery Trout (pre-2015 taper), Mastery Trout (New, '15/16 Taper), Mastery Double Taper, Mastery ED. Will cast accurately at mid-longer distance (40-70') with a short, compact stroke and minimal false casts. Very responsive, and communicative rod with some "soul". IMO, this rod is truly something special.
One of the days that I fished this rod, it was very windy and I decided to try throwing some small streamers. I also tried the rod with a couple of lines that are "frowned upon" by many on this forum - Mastery MPX (1/2 line weight heavy and short tapered) and Rio Streamer Tip (one full line weight heavy line). The Stickman handled these "heavy" lines and "heavier" payloads with no problem and very little drama. This was probably not the designer's intended use for this particular model, but it performed these duties like a champ. Very impressive!
If you are in the market for a new Premium fly rod, I would seriously consider Stickman rods. They are every bit the equal to the best US built rods and you may find them to your liking. I was a bit skeptical, and nervous to buy without touching them, but I'm glad I took the plunge. My new favorite.”

Luke Todd, Wyoming, USA

“I wanted a 5 wt. that wasn't borderline 6 wt. and for me that requires accepting a true to wt. line but it also needs to handle some larger flies and reasonable streamers on a sink tip. I want it to cast as well at 20/25 as it does at 65/70. I often find I fish with small flies and light tippet so I want a rod to flex at the tip and be able to present a fly accurately and delicately.
This is the Stickman P5. I fished this rod over the weekend and as I said above I am at a loss for word to tell you how truly nice this rod is. It fished in close and I am not giving up anything in the distance game. It also roll and Spey casts like a dream. I am willing to bet it added another 8 to 10 feet to my roll cast and certainly with less effort. Airborne and water borne mends are easy , the tip is very responsive.
The rod has exceptional feel and communicates like no other fast rod I have tried to date. I really felt like it was an extension of my hand. At the end of a swing I could do a snap T followed by a single false cast to dry the fly and a delivery cast , the rod all but told me the timing of the haul. To me the P5 does it all and I can truly say it enhances my entire fishing experience.
As Chad said - " A easy rod to pick up and hard to put down.””

Paul Sweeney, Massachusetts, USA

“The Stickman P5 was superior. For those that like the N..-L.5 yet wish it had a bit less of a soft tip, the P5 may be your rod. It's lighter and all that but the action is a true 5. It put a big smile on my face.”

Craig Buckbee, “Easterncaster”, FFI MCI, NYS licensed fishing guide, New York, USA

“I’ve been using the P5 every weekend for the last month fishing small dry flies on the upper Clyde river in Scotland. I've come to greatly appreciate the rod in this time - it really is a delight to use.”

Michael Kearney, Australia

“So I went out fishing with the P5 a couple of times and I have to say it's a fantastic rod. Really nice.
It seems perfect for some of the bigger trout water I fish here; long line nymphing and swinging flies - especially with the single handed spey line you recommended; roll casts effortlessly for miles... really good.
Surprisingly I found the best/most fun thing is how the rod plays fish; super solid and responsive. It has the perfect bend when you get a fish on, makes it really fun to land bigger fish.
Haven't done much dry fly/overhead cast fishing with it yet, but it seems promising... the first thing thing I noticed with the P5 is how light and nimble it feels for a 5 weight... more like a 4 weight with a little more backbone. Nice action - not too slow or too fast.
And I have to say the rod is built perfect. Super light minimal design. Top quality cork, and the straight guides (in black!) is a nice touch. Being Dutch (living in the States) it makes me happy to see the "made in EU" label when I put it together!
So, thanks so much for making it. Cheers!”

Eisso Mansvelt Beck, California, USA/The Netherlands
“I’ve been fishing the P5 and think it is awesome. Really impressed with your rod.”
Phil Brody, North Carolina, USA

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