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Ti5 Amber

Is the Amber a classic beauty or futuristic design? Hard to tell. One thing is certain: it looks amazing.  Deep, translucent orange wraps with black edging for added contrast, paired with zebrawood or matte clear anodised aluminum spacers. A really eye-catching combination.

Instead of the usual description here is the feedback of the first customer, who preordered and fished the Ti5 before it has been officially released:

“Like all Stickman rods, the rod is very light in the hand, but more importantly its swing weight is super light. The balance with a reel on it is helped greatly by the addition of the fighting butt - good call on that Ákos. Just like my P5, the tip is very sensitive and the blank bends progressively with a super smooth bend curve. I can put a really good line out with this rod. I know the MPX is not the line for this rod (I suspect a Barrio GT90 5 or SLX 5 would be better for casting), but I like the fact that I can stick a GT90 6 wt on it and the rod does not object. Sure it loads deeper, but it does not crucify the rod. I honestly think this is the modern day version of the GLX 10 foot 5 weight, but in a far lighter swing weight. I was able to test them side by side and the difference in swing weight is quite pronounced. I also think the Ti5 has a more sensitive tip which will appeal to those who use heavy bugs, or use big weighted flies in large rivers for large trout (NZ). I think the 10 foot 2 weight will obviously be a better light Euro nymph rod, but for my purposes, where I fish, the Ti5 is mustard. I know you love 9 foot rods for rivers, but on large rivers (River Tweed, etc.) I love the extra mending capabilities of a long light line rod. It will also be a cracking rod for the big bad Tongariro in NZ. This river is a heavy, fast flowing river with DEEP pools and large fish (average 4 lb.). As for Orkney Islands, look at the attached photos and tell me the Ti5 is not made for Orkney!!!!! 1-2 lb. trout, skerries, shallow bays, shortlining. PERFECT.

Thanks Ákos!”

Darren Woodmass, United Kingdom

All our rods are hand built to order one at a time and are endlessly customizable. Please make an inquiry on current lead times before placing your order.


  • 5 weight, 10' length, 4 piece
  • Rod weight built with aluminum spacer: ca. 87 gram (3.07 oz)
  • Rod weight built with aluminum spacer and fighting butt: ca. 93 gram (3.39 oz)
  • Rod weight built with wooden spacer: ca. 83 gram (2.92 oz)
  • Rod weight built with wooden spacer and fighting butt: ca. 89 gram (3.14 oz)
  • Matte natural finish, fast action blanks
  • Flor grade half wells grip from Portugal
  • REC reel seat
  • Fuji TORZITE™ stripping guides
  • Recoil single leg titanium guides
  • Hopkins&Holloway thin wire single leg guides as an option
  • Hopkins&Holloway tip tops
  • Amber wraps with black edging
  • Blanks made in Spain, rods built in Hungary
  • Cordura rod tube
  • Free worldwide shipping via UPS Express
  • Other reel seat options
  • 14 days money back guarantee

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