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Reel seats

In the last years we had so many ideas on different color combinations of reel seats that it became a bit too complicated to show all of them on the given rod's page. So we decided to list only the most popular reel seat variations on the main site and make a separate section for all the other options. You have the possibility to choose any combination of rod and reel seat for no extra charge! Just contact us before you make the purchase.


  • 18 options
  • black - zebrano
  • pewter - zebrano
  • pewter - osage 
  • black - osage
  • black - black  
  • pewter - black 
  • black - anthracite 
  • pewter - anthracite 
  • black - matte black
  • pewter - matte black
  • black - matte natural
  • pewter - matte natural
  • black - blue
  • pewter - blue
  • black - red
  • pewter - red

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