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T7 Amber 9'

Is the Amber a classic beauty or futuristic design? Hard to tell. One thing is certain: it looks amazing.  Deep, translucent orange wraps with black edging for added contrast, paired with zebrawood or matte clear anodised aluminum spacers. A really eye-catching combination.

The T7 blank:

The T7 was designed with the simple goal of filling the gap between the T6 and T8. At first, we wanted to build a rod that had a very similar action to those two rods. But the T7 took on a life of its own. It is a rod with serious character.

The T7 is our fastest action rod so far. It has a very flexible tip but the mid section is stiffer than the T6. As we tested the T7, we considered modifying it to give it a bit of deeper bend, but we had so much fun fishing it that we decided to leave it as it is. The transition between the tip and the mid section is very smooth. When fighting fish or casting a lot of line it has a very sweet, even, progressive bend to the butt section. Recovery is lightning fast.

It is a rod that will find a lot of use: seatrout at the Baltic coast, bonefish at the Caribbean, trout in English reservoirs, bass and redfish in the US, asp and zander in Middle-Europe, the list is endless. One thing is for sure: this rod is unique.

All our rods are hand built to order one at a time and are endlessly customizable. Please make an inquiry on current lead times before placing your order.


  • 7 weight, 9' length, 4 piece
  • Rod weight: ca. 91 gram (3.21 oz)
  • Matte natural finish, fast action blanks
  • Flor grade full wells grip from Portugal
  • REC reel seat
  • Fuji TORZITE™ stripping guides
  • Hopkins&Holloway thin wire single leg guides
  • Hopkins&Holloway thin wire snake guides as an option
  • Recoil titanium guides as an option
  • Hopkins&Holloway tip tops
  • Amber wraps with black edging
  • Cordura or aluminum rod tube
  • Blanks made in Spain, rods built in Hungary
  • Free worldwide shipping via UPS Express
  • Other reel seat options
  • 14 days money back guarantee
  • CCS and MOI data

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799 EUR


“I opened the packaging, and the rod is just beautiful, and light.  I put it together and mounted a reel with a new spool of SA Amp Grand Slam Smooth.  My impression in the house was the rod was very fast with a soft tip.  I wasn't sure how that would feel on the water.  So I went off to the river to give it a try.  The tropical line did better than I thought it would with air around 19ºC and water about 11ºC.  I had an upstream wind coming over my casting shoulder but it made little issue.  The rod casts so easily.  I threw some of the tightest loops with it.  Even though it is a fast taper I could feel the line through the cast which made it so intuitive.  I was worried I might feel the tip by itself in the cast but I never noticed anything but the sensation of one piece.  The rod obviously has some power and generates line speed with ease.  I thought the SA Grand Slam was a good match but also want to try Infinity Salt and Rio Bonefish with it.  The T7 certainly doesn't need to be overlined.  The handle is perfectly comfortable too.  

Thanks again for the fast shipping and for your excellence in rod design.  I can't wait for my T10s now, and I'll be looking over your catalog for my next Stickman.”

Andrew Padyk, North Carolina, USA

"This is a fantastic flats rod - my goto rod for Florida flats species like reds and trout. I've had plenty of fun with baby tarpon on this rod too. Faster than the T6 or the T8. It handles quite a bit of wind. This rod makes me feel like a better caster than I really am." 
Paul R. “flafly14”, Florida, USA
“I have the T7 and T8 and just back from the Bahamas. I really like these rods and used them for the week in preference to my S…. M…….. I fished the Rio Permit on the T8 and an Airflo Bonefish on the T7 and both were great matches. When the conditions were right the T7 was magical and never felt underpinned.
This is a very special rod and will bring a smile to all that casts it.”
Derry Ryan, Ireland
“Just received another Stickman rod from Akos a few days ago. This time it was a T7 in the "Evil Black" configuration. This rod joins a brace of Stickmans that I currently own and love (P4, 8',#4), (P5,9', #5), and (T6, #6). Every one of these rods are excellent in their own ways, and IMHO, are "Special", and a cut above any other premium offerings that I have cast and fished.
The T7 is super light in the hand, with a very minimal swing weight. It literally feels like a 9', #5 from other makers in terms of weight. Build quality and craftsmanship is excellent (as are all the Stickmans that I have seen). The T7 is much faster and more powerful than the lighter weight Stickmans that I have, but not at the expense of feel. This rod loads at close range (20') with 'touch', but still has the power to fire out 80'+ with ease. The line speed that this rod generates is amazing. Neat trick, Akos! 
Suffice it to say, I am impressed to say the least!”
Luke Todd, Wyoming, USA
“So jetzt ist sie heute angekommen, die Stickman T7. Nen paar Probewürfe bei der Kälte auf der Wiese gemacht! Ergebnis: der erste Eindruck verspricht eines der tollsten, geilsten Ruten die ich bisher in der Hand gehabt habe.
Test an der Küste steht aber noch aus, glaube aber nicht, das die dort enttäuschen wird, sondern begeisternd. Verarbeitung zumindest was mich betrifft ganz großes Kino!” 
Andreas Borowski, Germany
“Ma canne préférée !
Le scion est souple et très réactif, et la puissance est aussi là pour les lancers longs en mer, juste adapter le lancer en ralentissant un peu le geste…
C’est une canne qui a de la "personnalité"... testée avec soie Barrio SLXI S3, Airflo Sixthsense hover et S5, elle sait tout faire et sans fatigue!” 
Yves Meyssirel, France
“The cork handle feels like velvet.  The rod throws beautiful loops with the saltwater Wulff 7wt floating line.  The soft tip combined with the fast action is perfect for my casting style.  Light weight..and the Torzite stripping guides look sharp!  My first chance to fish it will be in March in the Florida Everglades. I'm a very happy customer Akos!
The rod performed perfectly throwing tight under the mangroves for snook!  Great blend of speed and feel!  You make a great fly rod my friend!”
Craig Masterman, Massachusetts, USA

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