Jakt & Fiske 6wt shootout

2016.06.20 11:20

Jakt & Fiske 6wt shootout

The T6 beats them all in the Field Test

Jakt&Fiske is the biggest Norwegian outdoor magazine. They have published a 6 wt shootout recently. The T6 was one of the rods tested. The test itself is a bit complicated, especially if you don't speak Norwegian (Google Translator helps though), but worth the time to go through the results.

Jakt & Fiske 6 weight shootout

12 rods were tested, 6 high-end and 6 from the middle price range. The Stickman T6 came 3rd in the final rating of the high-end rods by beating 2 benchmark rods. The T6 used for the test was a 2014 model with a different reel seat than the current one fitted.

The T6 did great in most categories. We had the highest scores in craftsmanship categories, like thread work, varnish and of course cork grips. We lost some points on the overall weight and the reel seat design, but I am sure with the current Lemke reel seats we would have done better. 

We also had the highest possible points in swing weight.

The T6 was great in accuracy, in fact the highest score was cast with the Stickman. The tester with the highest scores in accuracy ordered the P5, the T6 and the T8 the same day he finished the test. What better feedback could we possibly get? I quote: "The Stickman did for me, stand out as the most accurate rod in the dozen rods we tried. This is hands down the best rod I have tried in a long time!" 

We lost points on distance casting (along with the Sage Method) though. I can only say I won the trout distance category at the Hungarian Fly Casting Championship with the T6 against pretty stiff competition by casting 38.94 meters in the final with the 5wt Mastery Expert Distance (yes, we have a couple of land surveyors in the gang so we can measure with high-tech gear up to the milimeter...). The T6 also proves itself in this video as a capable distance casting tool:


There was also a category in the test called "Field test". The guys went fishing with the rods using their own lines, casting the same flies on all rods in real world situations. Just one rod managed to get 20 points out of 20, and it was the Stickman T6. The T6 was the only rod receiving top comments in ALL categories (power, short cast, long cast, summary) by ALL of the casters.

"Light in the hand and balanced"

"Very balanced at all casts"

"Good at everything"

"Easily the best"

So my  final conclusion would be: 

If you are looking for the best fishing rod, look no further.

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