Fly fishing for pike

2014.05.02 13:54

Fly fishing for pike

A video about pike fishing on the Joca lake.

I shot this short film a couple of years ago in Serbia. These days we use our rods built on the T8 blanks for pike fishing exclusively.

We think they are the perfect mix of power and sensitivity. The extreme low swing weight keeps you casting the whole day long, mastering big flies and long distance casting is easier then ever before. I usually fish big, open waters where casts of 25-27 meters are a must to keep your fly in the feeding zone long enough to get a strike. After stripping in the whole line I usually need 4 false casts to deliver my fly again. With the T8 I can do it with 3. If you cast 6-8 hours a day it means 25% less casting what is significantly less fatigue. Very few rods can do this as they have to perform (and bend) with just a meter of fly line outside the tip while having the backbone to deliver the fly to maximum distance.

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